Anya has given me full control of the blog. She says she is fed up of my jealous behaviour and if I really need the limelight that badly I can have it. Only now I have it not sure I have much to say for myself. She is rechecking Mayhem for errors and things at present so I have been relegated to the big brother role again. Not that I mind, I like spending time with Angus. She is also working on his next story.

For those new to my blog I will do my best to explain who I am. My author was watching a music video one day and I appeared in her head. Fully dressed and with my name. She says I chose it, but I think Anya must have because I hate it. Think it's awful not to mention the stupid nickname, Soc. However of the trials she puts me through it's fairly low down on my list of gripes. When I first appeared she had killed me off in the first chapter of her first ever story. She rewrote the story to give me a fairly major role and bring me back to life. Since then she has written a novella about my childhood, and a few other stories at various stages of my life. I get jet-lag trying to keep up with the stories.

I met my best friend Nathaniel Smith at seven and we became lovers at seventeen. Life with him is good, although I do find it insulting that she says writing me without Nate is like writing half a character. Apparently we are welded together. I guess if I had to be welded to anyone Nate is who I would choose, so it's not a bad thing. I want to ensure you I am a fully functioning well-rounded male. I mean which half am I ? Bottom half or top ? Either I guess implies I am brainless.

In the new book, she has me as a schoolmaster and has given me the worst class in the school to teach. My brother Angus and Jack are always fighting. Why does she do this to me? I am not even the main character in this story, I don't get why I can't have a part which doesn't involve any kind of physical or emotional pain for me. Things only get worse when I am in the main character role. Right now she is trying an experiment with Nate, Angus and myself in main character position, each telling our story. She wants to start it with a fight between Angus and I, so far we haven't let her do it. I am sick fed up of fighting. She needs to find a new start for this book – I won't fight Angus he is my baby brother. Anyway last time we fought it took twelve Soaring Warriors (soldiers) to drag us apart, it could get nasty and I have no desire to spend the book with broken bones and bruises. We are just plain not doing it, she maybe able to bribe my brother with cake and a night with his wife, but that is not working with me. Not even a night with Nate in a cabin in the woods is going to work this time. Like with all I get put through a petty argument with him over my nephew scribbling in a book would happen. No way she needs a new plan.

Next week I will introduce you to the Island I live on. In the later stories I become guardian of Universal Balance and become ensconced in the Sanctuary Temple of the fifth element.


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    Socrates Lorenzo

    I am a character created by Anya Kimlin.  I live on the beautiful Covesea Island which is on the Planet Litae at the centre of the universe. Anys likes to put me through the wringer and has written me at various stages between the age of seven and one-hundred-and-forty-nine.  Sometimes I get jet-lag trying to keep up.

    At seven I met Nathaniel Smith my lifelong bestfriend at seventeen he became my lover.  We finally were allowed to move in together at twenty-eight. 



    My fantasy stories are set on the Planet Litae.  The universe forms the body of the Universal Father, a constantly present but also absent deity.

    The Planet Litae is his eternal organs.  Performing tasks equivelent to our heart, kidneys  and mind, anything that happens on the planet can effect him.  Serious imbalance can cause the deity equivelent of a heart attack or brain tumour.  It has a strong link to Earth which functions as the universe's immune system sending people to Litae to fight the imbalances.

    People are like the bacteria and they must be kept in balance or he gets indigestion. 

    Fireflies work as the bloodcells carrying the life giving energy round the universe.  Orange give energy and white take it away.  They return to the Planet Litae to be cleansed and pumped back round the universe.


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