Welcome to my extra blog for the week. Today I will be interviewing my very good friends Fyren and Blayze Sawyl. Fyren is the Crown Prince of Scotia, a large country to the North of Covesea Island. When I was around ten they were exiled from their country and came to live on Covesea Island. We attended the same school, but they were younger than me.

Socrates: So Fyren and Blayze is the fire elemental reputation for being amazing lovers justified?

Fyren: Of course. (Fyren leans forward and lays his hand on Socrates knee), wanna try it big boy? You can feel the warmth from me spreading through your body can't you? (Fyren winks).

Socrates: (Purses his lips and grins), You prepared to take on Nate for my love? Always fancied having my affection fought over.

Fyren: (hold his hands up): OK, OK. I like my head attached to my body. (he pulls a face and holds onto his throat) Shame though, you are one handsome specimen. (he blows Socrates a kiss)

Blayze: Ahem! When you two are finished cavorting would you like a glass of Port Red?

Socrates: Just a little one, I'm a bit of a light weight when it comes to my liquor. (He gets out three crystal shot glasses).

(Blayze gets out a dark-blue glass bottle from his bag and pours the bright red liquid into the glasses. A strong smoky aroma fills the air).

Fyren: Shame Nate isn't here enough of that stuff and we could consider a threesome.

Socrates (comically rolls his eyes): Honestly. Anyway before I partake and spend the next five minutes coughing perhaps you can tell me more about your homeland? (he closes his eyes and knocks it back. He goes bright red as he fights to contain the cough),

Fyren: Well we used to live in the main city Glassburgh. Producing Port Red and other aphrodisiacs form part of the main industry. Our country is powered by the large volcano. All fire elemental people who practice the yang-qi meditation have a connection to it and can project heat. When we are angry we have to be careful not to touch each other as it can cause blistering and nasty burns. This makes for a fun peaceful society. When the royal family and elemental abbot were ousted it was done fairly peacefully with a vote. A fire elemental war is nasty and we have no desire to return to the time when Scotia was charred and in ruins. Our family opted to accept exile rather than cause problems. (he winks) But then Socrates my dear in one of Anya's stories you experienced a slap of an angry fire elemental.

Socrates: (touches his cheek) By all accounts I will be scarred permenantly.

Fyren: (touches Socrates cheek lightly) Ouch sorry didn't realise she was going to do that to you. How on earth did we get lumbered with her as an author. Oh did you hear Blayze and me are getting a bigger role in a story she has planned?

Socrates: (grits his teeth) I know every time she plots a story she marginalises me again. You know Nate has weedled his way into a bigger part.

Blayze (laughs): Bet that made your home life fun.

Socrates: Anyway gentlemen I am sure we will meet again soon but that is our time over. If anyone reading would like to ask Blayze and Fyren more questions please leave a comment and I will get them to answer them for you.


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