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'Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what …. the hell? Hey what does Anya think she is playing at, right now I am having a shower … give me a minute will you. I don't mind nudity but there are kiddies wandering around this site. Honestly! OK at least I have a towel on. I'm not late, I so should not be live for at least another hour.  Have you seen the new role my swan form has in Anya's new children's story - not bad, almost approve.  To think I nearly talked her out of writing about other swans.  I like that job - nothing nasty happens to me and I get to help people out.  Not sure how I feel about Cobbley being reduced to just Cobb though.

Today I thought we were doing the sea elementals. They come from Covesea Island where I was born. They are called Hai-ji and tend to wear long fighting robes. They have bright cherry-red hair that fades to baby pink as they age. Their eyes are sea-blue or green. Height wise for Litaerens they are short, only humans come shorter. They are around six-foot-two to six-foot-five. Their leader is the Abbot of the Order of the sea.

Covesea Island is beautiful – it is considered the very heart of the universe everything else revolves around it. It is surrounded by the De'il Sea which legend teach if from where all creatures in the universe were created. The fields are fertile and the island itself is almost totally self suffcient for food and fuel. It is the only place in the universe where the mysterious and precious jing-ore can be found. A small amount powers the country for a long time. On Monday I will be interviewing Abbot Alexander Kazuto and his son Prior Mark Kazuto Shun. Both have the brightest cherry-red hair you have ever seen. As Angus says you meet them and see red hair, green eyes then after they have finished dazzling you, you notice they have a face and body as well.

OK that is me dressed. Jeans and t-shirt today, got a day off from work. Mid-term as well, ok have a confession me and Angus had a set to. Not a big fight but he stood on my foot bugger is so big he broke my toes. Now I need to do an undignified hobble back to the sofa. Good news is Nate is still home, hoping for a cake, beer and an morning reading a book. It is only bloody 5.30am. You would think with me injured he would have let me lie in. No – Nate is half sparrow and he gets up
every morning he sings very loudly. He has a beautiful tenor singing voice, but when he starts turning cartwheels round the room it descends into something that hurts my ears. At least he didn't suggest a swim in the sea this morning, it is almost freezing here. Well OK cold for a temperate place, Nate reckons I am a wimp, but I don't care would rather have sand up me backside in a desert than have my bits drop off in the sea. OK see you lot Monday time for me to spend the day lounging on the sofa, kind of hoping the Abbot will give me the rest of the week off but he has suggested I could ride my horse, Jedra in tomorrow. In the meantime this wicked bod is being allowed to rest.

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    Socrates Lorenzo

    I am a character created by Anya Kimlin.  I live on the beautiful Covesea Island which is on the Planet Litae at the centre of the universe. Anys likes to put me through the wringer and has written me at various stages between the age of seven and one-hundred-and-forty-nine.  Sometimes I get jet-lag trying to keep up.

    At seven I met Nathaniel Smith my lifelong bestfriend at seventeen he became my lover.  We finally were allowed to move in together at twenty-eight. 



    My fantasy stories are set on the Planet Litae.  The universe forms the body of the Universal Father, a constantly present but also absent deity.

    The Planet Litae is his eternal organs.  Performing tasks equivelent to our heart, kidneys  and mind, anything that happens on the planet can effect him.  Serious imbalance can cause the deity equivelent of a heart attack or brain tumour.  It has a strong link to Earth which functions as the universe's immune system sending people to Litae to fight the imbalances.

    People are like the bacteria and they must be kept in balance or he gets indigestion. 

    Fireflies work as the bloodcells carrying the life giving energy round the universe.  Orange give energy and white take it away.  They return to the Planet Litae to be cleansed and pumped back round the universe.


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