Check my teeth, fine.  Quick twist, 'Not bad Socrates old chap if I do say so myself.'


Honestly don't these people know I am making sure I am perfect.   Hai-Reuben and Erle are morning people.  I am, but only because Nate forced it on me. 


'OK, OK, OK, I'm coming.'  I holler loudly and tweak my very short dark hair.  Smoothing down my smart shirt and trousers, I cough and open the door.  'Hey Hai and Erle.'  We embrace in a loving manner. These people are who I think of as my parents, 'Come in, come in.'

Hai pats me on the shoulder, 'Caught you at a bad time, son?  You did say anytime?'

'Oh not at all, I am just so pleased to see you.  Can I get you anything?'   I take their cloaks that go with their uniforms and hang them up.   Hai is wearing the long flowing abbot's robe, purple with a silver crow on the front.  His bird form is a large white crow.  Many years ago he met another white crow and they had his daughter Ivory who I must introduce you to sometimes.  She is bonkers.  Lives on Earth most of the time.   Erle is wearing a short sleeved thigh-length flared dress this time in a soft lilac on her chest is a large hummingbird, in shimmering purple.   Erle and Hai are married which is a unique combination in our world and gives the wind element a special balance.  It is part of why the planet Litae is currently so temperate. 

Hai nods, 'We'd love a honey beer and some cake.  I know it is a little early for a tipple but we have been travelling all night.  We were hoping you'd let us have the sofa bed?'  A little early beer before 8am is positively decadent. 

I nod and head for the under counter fridge and get it out.   'How was your flight?'

'Great.'  Erle smiles taking the beer from me. 'The wind currents carried us.'

'Advantage of your element.'  I wink at her and take a beer for myself. 'It's ginger and walnut cake, one of Mac's specials.'  Mac would I guess be my father-in-law being Nate's foster father and all.

We sit in the sofa are and begin to talk.  'Queen Erle, what would you say is your favourite part of Orkland?'

'I probably shouldn't love it so much but the crystal shield we live under, the Lind is one of my favorites.  It keeps us safe but the light it produces is magical.    I guess I should see it as a sign of oppression but for it is about looking upwards.'  She smiles and raises the bottle to her mouth.

'What about yourself Hai?'

He pats Erle on the knee, 'My family is probably the cheesy thing to say, but Erle swept me up.  We are not each other's first relationship but it a bit like being in an exciting whirlwind.  It is a beautiful country with it's hills and valleys, streams and lakes.'

'What strengths does the wind give you?'   I balance the plate on my lap and take a mouthful of cake.

Erle looks nods at Hai, who then speaks.  'Speed.  We have an increased ability to move fast as we can create a headwind or aftwind to aide in our movements.   Also an ability to sweep calm or anger through ourselves and others, we can control emotions well.'

Erle gets out her flute, 'This is something I value the ability it gives us with the wind instruments and the brass ones.  The strength in our lungs is greater than the other elementals.'  I close my eyes and let her notes carry me.   I am starting to yawn.

'As you two are staying the night how about we all take a nap and maybe we can continue this.  I have a few more questions but you two are yawning more than I am?' 

Erle nods, 'Sorry that was my fault should have kept the flute until the end.' 

I stand up and help them pull out the sofa.  Throw them some blankets and pillows before pulling curtains round the sleeping area for privacy and grabbing a book to read.   The Vinda Folk Pax.  Peace for the Wind Folk.


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    At seven I met Nathaniel Smith my lifelong bestfriend at seventeen he became my lover.  We finally were allowed to move in together at twenty-eight. 



    My fantasy stories are set on the Planet Litae.  The universe forms the body of the Universal Father, a constantly present but also absent deity.

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    People are like the bacteria and they must be kept in balance or he gets indigestion. 

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