I am in trouble. Anya says I should not have nagged her for solo blog space if I was going to moan about it, but I had a sleepless night last night.  I am dog tired. My partner is home for the first time in weeks and Anya is annoyed with me.

Anya has been up the wall this week says she doesn't feel very well. Something about Volcanic ash making her Fibromyalga worse. I am feeling neglected she has been working on her other characters and not given me a second thought. Gus and Iris do seem really fun though. Looking forward to meeting Iris. I think maybe she can write a blog for me on the days I have better things to do with my life. .

As the volcano is erupting it feels topical to talk about the fire elementals. They come from the country of Scotia. Their main city Glassburgh is dominated by a large volcano that provides them with balance. When the planet Litae is feeling out of whack the volcano becomes more or less active. The fire elemental people are usually tall and lithe. They have flame-blue skin that flickers, amber eyes and fiery-red hair. As they age their hair fades to orange. They tend to be stunningly beautiful but have funny flame shaped ears. Their skin is warm to the touch, it can become intolerable when they are angry. I once made the mistake of making one jealous, had a hand shaped burn on my cheek for weeks. It never did heal completely. I mean all I did was eye up a falcon. I've never really been into any kind of birds either of the feathered or female variety.

Litae has five elements and over the next few weeks I will introduce you to them. On Monday next week I will interview my good friends Fyren and Blayze Sawyl who are fire elementals. In the meantime I think Nate was making me a ginger tea, it is time to go back to our tiny one roomed cottage and greet him. He has been away for over three weeks with one of his Secret Service missions, and I have missed him. It is so like blooming Anya to bring him back and make me work on the same day.

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    Socrates Lorenzo

    I am a character created by Anya Kimlin.  I live on the beautiful Covesea Island which is on the Planet Litae at the centre of the universe. Anys likes to put me through the wringer and has written me at various stages between the age of seven and one-hundred-and-forty-nine.  Sometimes I get jet-lag trying to keep up.

    At seven I met Nathaniel Smith my lifelong bestfriend at seventeen he became my lover.  We finally were allowed to move in together at twenty-eight. 



    My fantasy stories are set on the Planet Litae.  The universe forms the body of the Universal Father, a constantly present but also absent deity.

    The Planet Litae is his eternal organs.  Performing tasks equivelent to our heart, kidneys  and mind, anything that happens on the planet can effect him.  Serious imbalance can cause the deity equivelent of a heart attack or brain tumour.  It has a strong link to Earth which functions as the universe's immune system sending people to Litae to fight the imbalances.

    People are like the bacteria and they must be kept in balance or he gets indigestion. 

    Fireflies work as the bloodcells carrying the life giving energy round the universe.  Orange give energy and white take it away.  They return to the Planet Litae to be cleansed and pumped back round the universe.


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