Hey everyone I am back sort of. Anya is still not feeling so great and I am keeping my distance. I so cannot do snot – I have this major phobia and it makes me vomit. Not that she is snotty but it translate into a general feeling that I don't want to get sick. Once she is fully back on her feet I am going to interview her for you, you really don't get much of her on this site.

I had a good week took Nate camping. The weather has been gorgeous so both of us are looking tanned and have smiles on our face.

One Wednesday I will be exploring the Wind Element. It is the one I feel the greatest affinity with and I will be chatting to Queen Erle and Abbot Hai-Reubem from the Order of the Wind. I have a strong connection to both of them and Hai is like a father to me.

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    Socrates Lorenzo

    I am a character created by Anya Kimlin.  I live on the beautiful Covesea Island which is on the Planet Litae at the centre of the universe. Anys likes to put me through the wringer and has written me at various stages between the age of seven and one-hundred-and-forty-nine.  Sometimes I get jet-lag trying to keep up.

    At seven I met Nathaniel Smith my lifelong bestfriend at seventeen he became my lover.  We finally were allowed to move in together at twenty-eight. 



    My fantasy stories are set on the Planet Litae.  The universe forms the body of the Universal Father, a constantly present but also absent deity.

    The Planet Litae is his eternal organs.  Performing tasks equivelent to our heart, kidneys  and mind, anything that happens on the planet can effect him.  Serious imbalance can cause the deity equivelent of a heart attack or brain tumour.  It has a strong link to Earth which functions as the universe's immune system sending people to Litae to fight the imbalances.

    People are like the bacteria and they must be kept in balance or he gets indigestion. 

    Fireflies work as the bloodcells carrying the life giving energy round the universe.  Orange give energy and white take it away.  They return to the Planet Litae to be cleansed and pumped back round the universe.


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